Model 75

Broadcaster’s Universal Monitor Amplifier Speaker

(With externally accessible battery compartment and featuring

AC power jack and RJ-11 modular jack)


This high quality amplifier is designed for the demanding broadcast engineer who desires quality, versatility, ruggedness and ease of operation.  This model features: two independent output channels, one for the earpiece and the other for the speaker; dual switchable power from 1/4 W to 1/2 W; RJ-11 modular telephone jack and external power jack for AC adapter.  The battery is housed in a drawer compartment accessible from the side of the unit and can be changed in a matter of seconds without opening the amplifier.  Includes belt clip, battery, and connecting cable.


System Specifications


·        Input: balanced 2K ohms XLR-3 female, and RJ-11 modular jack

·        Output: 8 ohms impedance, two independent amplifier channels, one for 1/4” and 1/8” jacks, the other for the speaker

·        Power output switchable from 1/4 W to 1/2 W

·        Powered by 9V alkaline battery or external power supply

·        Diode protected circuit polarity

·        Total quiescent current: 5mA

·        Total current drain: 5mA if 600 ohms earpiece is used (with the speaker defeated)

·        8 ohms 2 ¼” diameter communication speaker (defeatable)

·        Die cast aluminum body with glacier gray texture finish

·         Dimensions: 4.75” L  X  2.56” W  X  1.5” H