Model 8

IFB Monitor Amplifier Speaker

(Featuring two independent amp channel outputs and

high quality .63W speaker)


State of the art circuit design, high quality compact amplifier, used by the broadcast engineers.  Features two independent amplifier channel outputs: one for the headphone jacks, the other for the speaker.  Has switchable power outputs and features a large 400 mW input transformer to withstand telephone line voltage.  Includes belt clip, AC power supply, and battery.


System Specifications


·        Input: balanced  2K ohms XLR-3 female connector

·        Output: Two independent amplifier channels, one for the 1/4” and 1/8” jacks, the other for the speaker

·        Power output switchable form 1/4 W to 1/2 W

·        Powered by 9V alkaline battery or external power supply

·        Diode protected circuit polarity

·        Total quiescent current: 5mA

·        Total current consumption: 5 mA if 2K ohms headphone used

·        8 ohms, high quality water proof alnico magnet speaker “defeatable,” 0.63 W, 2 ¼” diameter

·        Die cast aluminum body with glacier gray texture finish

·        Lid thumb screws for quick and easy battery change

·        Dimensions: 4.75” L  X  2.56” W  X  1.6” H