Model 80


(For remote communication systems)


A compact, rugged, and versatile dialer specifically designed for the broadcast industry. Used on remote satellite trucks and other mobile units with the IFB-Plus. All integrated circuit design. Comes with battery and connecting cable. Easy to use: connect one side of supplied RJ-11 cable to unit and the other side to telephone line input. Press down the red pushbutton switch located on top of unit to energize and dial desired number. Release red button and dialing is completed. Includes connecting cable.


System Specifications


        Rugged keyboard with Touch Tone Encoder

        Output impedance: 10 K ohms

        Powered by 9V alkaline battery or regulated external AC adapter

        Die cast aluminum body with glacier gray texture finish

        Lid thumb screw for quick and easy battery change

        Dimensions: 4.4 L X 2.4 W X 1.2 H


This model uses Red Dot regulated voltage AC adapter

(available under ACS accessories)